*sigh*  I feel dis-heartened. Apparently, Gempo Roshi will be offering a 
weekend session--  in Beverly Hills.  
I have no bias that those of modest means should be the only ones to receive 
zen wisdom.  Its not the money, really.  I have a disgustingly wealthy 
sister--lets not go there.
But.. I attened intro zen classes at his  zen center when I went back to school 
after my accident.  Over time, I've obverved his "progress".  I'm not a zen 
Master. But I am wondering if he still is-- or ever was. 
Y'know-- I bet most of us could  claim we've had an "instant" awakening from 
some experience we 've had.  Maybe its only me.. but I am uncomfortable with 
capitalizing on my own drama.  Hell-- I   have as many  problems as anyone.  
Frankly, I wanted to choke the hell our of a bank teller today for her saucy 
attitude..   I didn't. 
It wasn't my zen that stopped me.  My brother-in-law owns the bank. k



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