Being a modest person is a real blessing in a world religious cheaters , 
manipulators, ambitious and fakes in general.  It's not true that a modest 
person can't get into the heart of zen because of some pompous "gurus" .  I'm a 
person under a very modest income and I'm into zen.  The cost of it is 
very hard work on my side and nothing else.  The rich also suffer a lot.  
Nothing wrong if they can afford to pay to anyone they want.  However, the 
choice of a "guru" is a different matter and if they choose a pompous one who 
does the kind of show they're looking for and they pay for, then is not anyone 
fault but themselves who ask for it!.  The genuine person who has a genuine 
interest whether is rich or poor, that person will find in time a natural way 
his/her own way to zen.  
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A thriving merger of zen and the sacred profit motive?

k, please don't be disheartened.

Just check him out on the Internet and if you don't feel comfortable
with what you see, dump him - with joy!

Best, e

--- In, Kristy McClain <healthypl...@...>
> *bows*
> *sigh* I feel dis-heartened. Apparently, Gempo Roshi will be offering
a weekend session-- in Beverly Hills.
> I have no bias that those of modest means should be the only ones to
receive zen wisdom. Its not the money, really. I have a disgustingly
wealthy sister--lets not go there.
> But.. I attened intro zen classes at his zen center when I went back
to school after my accident. Over time, I've obverved his "progress". 
I'm not a zen Master. But I am wondering if he still is-- or ever was.
> Y'know-- I bet most of us could claim we've had an "instant"
awakening from some experience we 've had. Maybe its only me.. but I am
uncomfortable with capitalizing on my own drama. Hell-- I have as
many problems as anyone. Frankly, I wanted to choke the hell our of a
bank teller today for her saucy attitude.. I didn't.
> It wasn't my zen that stopped me. My brother-in-law owns the bank. k

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