Indeed Chris.

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Date: Tuesday, 19 October, 2010, 17:33


The very heart of zen cannot be achieved in any other method than our own hard 
work.  Just like one cannot eat a meal without yourself picking up the food and 
putting it into your mouth and chewing and swallowing.  

Anyone charging money is at best selling water next to the river, and maybe 
selling sand next to the river :)  


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a modest person is a real blessing in a world religious cheaters , 
manipulators, ambitious and fakes in general.  It's not true that a modest 
person can't get into the heart of zen because of some pompous "gurus" .  I'm a 
person under a very modest income and I'm into zen.  The cost of it is 
very hard work on my side and nothing else.  The rich also suffer a lot.  
Nothing wrong if they can afford to pay to anyone they want.  However, the 
choice of a "guru" is a different matter and if they choose a pompous one who 
does the kind of show they're looking for and they pay for, then is not anyone 
fault but themselves who ask for it!.  The genuine person who has a genuine 
interest whether is rich or poor, that person will find in time a natural way 
his/her own way to z

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