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"Drukpa Kunley Drukpa Kunley, popularly known as the Bhutan's Divine
Madman, was known for his crazy wisdom.   Lama Drukpa Kunley is one of
the strangest religious and historical characters in the exotic land of
Bhutan. One of the great religious teachers and holy men, Drukpa Kunley,
is known all over Bhutan as `The Divine Madman'.    Eccentric
and only one of his kinds, Drukpa Kunley was born in Tibet in 1455.
There are many legends associated to him that talk of various miracles
and his outlandish behavior. He is believed to have been an extremely
precocious child who could remember all of his previous incarnations
vividly. He became disillusioned with the world when his father was
killed in a family feud and renounced it forever, turning to a religious
life and becoming a monk. However, it seems he did not find peace in
monkshood and gave up his robes in his early twenties.

He lived as a mendicant, practiced spiritual arts and magic and wandered
all over the country. He crossed the borders to enter Bhutan and
purposefully lived in an unorthodox way and despised accepted ways of
behavior to expose the hypocrisy of the world; the selfish motives
behind them and greed that lead people to follow them.   His approach to
motivate people to be honest and live a spiritual life was weird to say
the least. He himself led a lewd lifestyle that would have been
considered very immoral, according to our standards. This great lama
used to sing, drink with young ladies and have sex with virgins. His
legends mostly portray him as drinking `chang' (a sort of
Tibetan beer), making love to a maiden or striking sown evil entities
and demons with his `Flaming Thunderbolt of Wisdom' [phallus].

Bhutan's Divine Madman believed in divine excess and used to mock
and ridicule the establishments and priests that led dual lives. Some of
his feats and miracles included blessing or damning families, according
to their moral treatment of others; turn tiny quantities of tea into
superfluous amounts that would be sufficient for thousands of people;
slaughtering animals for their meat and then restoring them to life from
their bones; exorcising evil spirits; reforming demons and being able to
travel on a spiritual plane with the ability to travel thousands of
miles almost instantaneously.    It is a miracle in itself that
Bhutanese, who are very conservative and never show affection in public,
adore this holy man and paint `flying phalluses' on the
exteriors of their homes to represent him. It is believed that this will
protect the house from evil spirits and promote fertility. Drukpa Kunley
also founded a monastery near the town of Punakha, dedicated to
fertility.   Hundreds of people from all over Bhutan visit this
monastery to pray for children and in the temple; a monk holding a
symbolic phallus blesses them."

Bill wote:

My comments are embedded below:

A Tantric story describes an 'enlightened' person as killing fish,
drinking wine
and having an affair with women. Is that the outcome of your highlighted
statement below?

[Bill!'s Highlighted Statement] It stops the imperative to classify
things as
moral/immoral or altruistic/selfish.

[Bill!] The outcome for YOU would be that YOU would judge other people's
behavior as moral or immoral.

[Bill!] On a similar note the last stage of the Ten Ox Herding Pictures
the fully enlighten sage returning the village carrying a jug of wine
and a
fish. Are the sage's actions moral or immoral?


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