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You keep posting content such as this.  Do you think having a scientific
explanation of how zen meditation affects the body is helpful to zen


Zen and the Brain Zen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of
Meditation and Consciousness is a book authored by James H. Austin
</wiki/James_H._Austin> . First published in 1998, the book's aim is to
establish links between the neurological </wiki/Neurology>  workings of
the human </wiki/Human>  brain </wiki/Brain>  and meditation
</wiki/Meditation> . For example Austin presents evidence from EEG
</wiki/Electroencephalography>  scans that deep relaxed breathing
reduces brain activity.
The publishers described their book as a "Comprehensive text on the
evidence from neuroscience </wiki/Neuroscience>  that helps to clarify
which brain mechanisms underlie the subjective states of Zen </wiki/Zen>
, and employs Zen to 'illuminate' how the brain works in various states
of consciousness </wiki/Consciousness> ".

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