ED; I believe that, in living your life, you have no problem telling the 
Mayka; I don't think in terms of illusion or reality in daily life.  I often 
live in a world of illusion.  I wish I could tell you differently but that 
wouldn't be honest.  .  It made me laugh your say about me an expert!.  The 
only thing I'm an expert is in starting a new all over again once and again and 
again.  Not a big deal.  I'm going nowhere.
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> Hi ED:
> Every time I've tried to explain the differences between illusion and reality 
> my mind seems to get entangled, like in clear sunny day coming all of a 
> sudden a thick mist. 
Hi Mayka,
And, so what if your mind gets confused? You may not be able to satisfactorily 
explain the difference between illusion and reality - but then neither can 
anyone else. However, I believe that, in living your life, you have no problem 
telling the difference.
> The other day as soon I sent the posting to the web I wondered: Wouldn't be 
> another illusion to make distinctions between illusions and reality?
>From the very beginning, no illusion, no reality:  "In the Bible it is said 
>that "In the Beginning, there was the Word," but in the deepest realm of Zen 
>meditation there is no single word."  --Nanrei Kobori-Rohi (1918-1992)
> Today I see you in a new light. Thank you for being there with all your 
> massive questioning and never answer one, hehe...!
> Mayka
As Suzuki Roshi has pointed out, the Zen Mind is like the Beginner's Mind, with 
many, many possibilities. Perhaps, Mayka, you are developing a Zen mind. I 
had wrongly judged you as having the mind of an expert -with very, very few 
possiblities in it. ;-)

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