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> Bill,
> Chris' theory applies to you and Chris himself, but not to someone like 
> Hitler or Pol Pot. They committed atrocities without compunction. No 
> suffering in any part of their bodies and minds.
> Anthony

That seems like a pretty strong claim. What is the evidence for that theory 
about their lack of suffering?  

I have read at least once that Hitler (Alice Miller, some essay about the roots 
of adult violence in the cruelty
of childhood) suffered nightmares many nights where he relived some childhood 
beating, determined not to cry this time. 

Somewhat at a tangent, part of the horror of the 20th c genocides is that so 
many people in the societies went along with it. The puzzle isn't Hitler so 
much as the SS. 

Anyways, Hitler and Pol Pot are dead and will never be a part of my current 
moment, so I have even less reason to speculate whether my experience is true 
for them than whether it is true for my Gov't representatives. 

Generally, the question of what others should do doesn't come before me, only 
whether I am about to stub my toe or not.   

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