I was mixing metaphors there. 

10 directions is traditional in zen sutras for all the world. (north, south, 
east, west, ne, se, nw, sw up and d

I am at a beach along California highway 1, a windy beautiful place. The winds 
of the world flow all along without discrimination, and sending thanks from 
this windy brisk day to all you all over the world it seemed an appropriate 

Chris Austin-Lanem
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On Nov 25, 2010, at 13:42, Lluís Mendieta <lme...@intermail.es> wrote:

> Hi, Chris
> I am used to 4 or a multiple of for directions of wind.
> 10? May you be so kind to explain which ones to an ignorant?
> With best wishes
> Lluís
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> I really enjoy interacting with the zen forum. It is entertaining and 
> educational (in the old sense, to be led out of myself). 
> I bow to the ten directions in gratitude. May the winds of this day find all 
> of you well!
> Thanks,
> Chris Austin-Lane
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