Mel: Habitual/regular mind reading would be quite unnatural for a zen way of 

R: I'm hooked into pondering a little on this today Mel. The things I'm 
pondering on are 1. the no *goal* aspect of zen  2. the fact that humans are 
prone to assess another persons mind.

As for the flowers, I know for sure that after I've gotten over my 'Wow, what 
did I do to deserve this?' routine, I'd be like........'Whoa, lovely stuff!!!'. 
Flowers and chocolates are not something I receive regularly, can you tell?? 


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Subject: [Zen] beginner's mind, romantic moments, etc(to Rose/list)
Date: Friday, January 14, 2011, 11:11 AM



      Greetings Rose and forum

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ROSE: Is this something to do with the fact that we're all practising, and 
no-one really ever actually achieves beginners mind 100%? But still, beginners 
mind is something that we might agree is a goal (not the right word) of 

MEL: The beginner's mind is there, and was always there. It will never go away, 
but it does get covered by desires, demands, and other short-comings we place 
upon ourselves 

ROSE: Conversely, trying to assess the minds of others would seem to be fraught 
with mucho danger! Sometimes we're bang on, most of the time we're not. This I 
know from personal experience.

MEL: Of course. Habitual/regular mind-reading (eg. in romance) would be quite 
unnatural for a Zen way of life. We have eyes and ears, and what we see or 
hear, is what we get

ROSE: If I was given flowers and chocolates I suspect that my automatic thought 
would be - wow, what did I do to deserve these? So I guess the cynicism would 
be towards myself, not towards the giver.

MEL: Or, a woman could/would think...

- he moving in on me? I don't even like him!

- I hate flowers, and I'm tryin' to lose some freakin' weight!(*big laughter)

- Oh s**t, how do I brush this guy off?

in peace







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