Zlotnick Fred wrote:
> On Aug 20, 2008, at 6:39 PM, Kyle McDonald wrote:
>> My suggestion still remains though. Log your enterprises wish for this
>> feature through as many channels as you have into Sun. This list, Sales,
>> Support, every way you can think of. Get it documented, so that when
>> they go to set priorities on RFE's there'll be more data on this one.
> Knock yourself out, but it's really unnecessary.  As has been amply
> documented, on this thread and others, this is already a very high
> priority for us.  It just happens to be rather difficult to do it right.
> We're working on it.  We've heard the message (years ago, actually, just
> about as soon as we shipped ZFS in S10 6/06.)  Your further encouragement
> is appreciated, but it's unlikely to speed up what already is deemed
> a high priority.
Cool. I love it when I'm wrong this way. :)

I don't know where I got it but I really thought it wasn't seen as a big 
deal for the larger storage customers.
Glad to see I'm wrong, because it's a real big deal for us little guys. :)


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