Hi Ian,

> I would use a newer (express maybe) system.

I did and it panics. Posted screenshot last week.

> Recent OpenSolaris based builds have a handy utility usbcopy.

Thanks, I used that to create a bootable Solaris 11 Express. Hiroshi did a 
great job!

>>  This is really frustrating. I haven't had any problems with Linux 
> filesystems but I heard ZFS was safer. It's really ironic that I lost access 
> to so much data after moving it to ZFS. Isn't there any way to get them back 
> on my newly installed U8 system? If I disconnect this pool the system starts 
> fine. Otherwise my questions above in my summary post might be key to getting 
> this working.
> If you have support, badger them.  Otherwise use a newer system.

What's newer than Sol 11 Express?

I would like to run a supported system but I don't have supported hardware. I 
don't really need new 
hardware at the moment, but I do need my 200G of missing data back.


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