Suppose I want to build a 100-drive storage system, wondering if there is any 
disadvantages for me to setup 20 arrays of HW RAID0 (5 drives each), then setup 
ZFS file system on these 20 virtual drives and configure them as RAIDZ?

I understand people always say ZFS doesn't prefer HW RAID.  Under this case, 
the HW RAID0 is only for stripping (allows higher data transfer rate), while 
the actual RAID5 (i.e. RAIDZ) is done via ZFS which takes care all the 
checksum/error detection/auto-repair.  I guess this will not affect any 
advantages of using ZFS, while I could get higher data transfer rate.  
Wondering if it's the case?  

Any suggestion or comment?  Please kindly advise.  Thanks!
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