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> Suppose I want to build a 100-drive storage system, wondering if there is any 
> disadvantages for me to setup 20 arrays of HW RAID0 (5 drives each), then 
> setup ZFS file system on these 20 virtual drives and configure them as RAIDZ?

A 20-device wide raidz is a bad idea. Making those devices from
stripes just compounds the issue.

The biggest problem is that resilvering would be a nightmare, and
you're practically guaranteed to have additional failures or read
errors while degraded.

You would achieve better performance, error detection and recovery by
using several top-level raidz. 20 x 5-disk raidz would give you very
good read and write performance with decent resilver times and 20%
overhead for redundancy. 10 x 10-disk raidz2 would give more
protection, but a little less performance, and higher resilver times.


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