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> I understand people always say ZFS doesn't prefer HW RAID.  

A better way to say it is like this:  ZFS does raid better than HW raid.
It's both faster and more reliable.  The only exception is sometimes HW can
resilver faster than ZFS, depending on how full your disks are, and how it
is laid out on disk.

> HW RAID0 is only for stripping (allows higher data transfer rate),

There is no reason to do this.  ZFS does striping better and faster than HW.

> while the actual RAID5 (i.e. RAIDZ) is done via ZFS which takes care all
> checksum/error detection/auto-repair.  

You're talking about a 20-way raidz.  Definitely don't do that.  A resilver
will probably never complete on that pool.

If you're trying to achieve 1/20 redundancy...  I don't know any good way to
do that.  Most people would probably advise you make a bunch of 8-way
raidz's or something like that.  I know 1/8 is not the same as 1/20, but
it's the closest I think you can come reasonably safely.

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