may be try the following
1)boot s10u8 cd into single user mode (when boot cdrom, choose Solaris then choose single user mode(6))
2)when ask to mount rpool just say no
3)mkdir /tmp/mnt1 /tmp/mnt2
4)zpool  import -f -R /tmp/mnt1 tank
5)zpool import -f -R /tmp/mnt2 rpool

On 8/15/2011 9:12 AM, Stu Whitefish wrote:
On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 2:47 PM, Stuart James Whitefish
<>  wrote:
  # zpool import -f tank
I encourage you to open a support case and ask for an escalation on CR 7056738.

Mike Gerdts
Hi Mike,

Unfortunately I don't have a support contract. I've been trying to set up a 
development system on Solaris and learn it.
Until this happened, I was pretty happy with it. Even so, I don't have 
supported hardware so I couldn't buy a contract
until I bought another machine and I really have enough machines so I cannot 
justify the expense right now. And I
refuse to believe Oracle would hold people hostage in a situation like this, 
but I do believe they could generate a lot of
goodwill by fixing this for me and whoever else it happened to and telling us 
what level of Solaris 10 this is fixed at so
this doesn't continue happening. It's a pretty serious failure and I'm not the 
only one who it happened to.

It's incredible but in all the years I have been using computers I don't ever 
recall losing data due to a filesystem or OS issue.
That includes DOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

I cannot believe ZFS on Intel is so fragile that people lose hundreds of gigs 
of data and that's just the way it is. There
must be a way to recover this data and some advice on preventing it from 
happening again.

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