I am catching up here and wanted to see if I correctly understand the
chain of events...

1. Install system to pair of mirrored disks (c0t2d0s0 c0t3d0s0),
system works fine
2. add two more disks (c0t0d0s0 c0t1d0s0), create zpool tank, test and
determine these disks are fine
3. copy data to save to rpool (c0t2d0s0 c0t3d0s0)
3. install OS to c0t0d0s0, c0t1d0s0
4. reboot, system still boots from old rpool (c0t2d0s0 c0t3d0s0)
5. change boot device and boot from new OS (c0t0d0s0 c0t1d0s0)
6. cannot import old rpool (c0t2d0s0 c0t3d0s0) with your data

At this point could you still boot from the old rpool (c0t2d0s0 c0t3d0s0) ?

<something happens> and

7. cannot import old rpool (c0t2d0s0 c0t3d0s0), any attempt causes a
kernel panic, even when booted from different OS versions

Have you been using the same hardware for all of this ?

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