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It seems recent WD drives that aren't "Raid edition" can cause rather a lot of 
problems on RAID systems. We have a few machines with LSI controllers 
(6801/6081/9201) and we're seeing massive errors occuring. The usual pattern is 
a drive failing or even a resilver/scrub starting and then, suddenly, most 
drives on the whole backplane report errors. These are usually No Device (as 
reported by iostat -En), but the result is that we may see data corruption at 
the end. We also have a system setup with Hitachi Deskstars, which has been 
running for almost a year without issues. One system with a mixture of WD 
Blacks and greens showed the same errors as described, but has been working 
well after the WD drives were replaced by deskstars.

Now, it seems WD has changed their firmware to inhibit people from using them 
for other things than toys (read: PCs etc). Since we've seen this issue on 
different controllers and different drives, and can't reproduce it with Hitachi 
Deskstars, I would guess the firmware "upgrade" from WD is the issue.

Would it be possible to fix this in ZFS somehow? The drives seem to work well 
except for those "No Device" errors....

Vennlige hilsener / Best regards

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk
(+47) 97542685
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