> The common use for desktop drives is having a single disk without
> redundancy.. If a sector is feeling bad, it's better if it tries a bit
> harder to recover it than just say "blah, there was a bit of dirt in
> the corner.. I don't feel like looking at it, so I'll just say your data
> is screwed instead".. In a raid setup, that data is sitting safe(?) on
> some other disk as well, so it might as well give up early.

Still, there's a wee difference between shaving and cutting your head off. A 
drive retrying a single sector for two whole minutes is nonsense, even on a 
desktop or laptop, at least when it does so without logging the error to SMART 
or summing up the issues so to flag the disk unusable. And, beleive it or not, 
a drive spending 2 minutes trying to fetch 512 bytes from a dead sector is 
quite unusable when the the number of bad sectors start climbing.

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