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> here is what i have been doing i take snapshots of the 5 file systems, i
> send these into a directory gzip the the files and then tar them onto
> this takes a considerable amount of time.
> my question is there a faster and better way of doing this?

zfs send | lzop | mbuffer
will write data stream directly to tape, no need for intermediate storage.
It has the disadvantage that you can't restore individual files, nor exclude
anything from backup, and if there's any corruption the whole stream is

zfs send | zfs receive (on disk)
Has the advantage that you can restore directly from snapshots if necessary
(much faster & easier than restoring from tape) and it verifies the
integrity of the data as it's written.  You can then use anything you want
(tar |lzop | mbuffer) or some commercial product, to write to tape.

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