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> Personally, I use zfs send and zfs receive to replicate the data to
> a second system, and then simply tar the replicated file system
> to tape. That way I'm not dependent on zfs to get the data back
> (and can get individual files/directories back if necessary, which
> it often is). And you have the ability to slot that copy of the data
> instantly into service if the primary copy fails.

tar or rsync will work for data, but you will lose any ACLs

The only tools I have found that work with zfs ACLs are the native zfs
tools (zfs send / recv), the native Solaris tools (cp, mv, etc.), and
Symantec NetBackup. I have not tried other commercial backup systems
as we already have NBU in house.

zfs send / recv is far, far faster than NBU.

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