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> This one missing feature of ZFS, IMHO, does not result in "a long way for
> zfs to go" in relation to netapp.  I shut off my netapp 2 years ago in
> favor of ZFS, because ZFS performs so darn much better, and has such
> immensely greater robustness.  Try doing ndmp, cifs, nfs, iscsi on netapp
> (all extra licenses).  Try experimenting with the new version of netapp to
> see how good it is (you can't unless you buy a whole new box.)

As another datum, at $WORK we're going to Isilon. Our NetApp is being
retired by the end of the year as it just can't handle the load of HPC. We
also have the regular assortment of web, mail, code repositories, etc.,
VMs that also live on Isilon. We're quite happy, especially with the more
recent Isilon hardware that uses SSDs to store/cache metadata. NFS and
CIFS are quite good, but we haven't really tried their iSCSI stuff yet;
they don't have FC at all.

We also have a bunch of Blue Arc, but find it much more finicky than
Isilon. Perhaps Hitachi will help them stabilize things a bit.

As for experimenting with NetApp, they do have a "simulator" that you can
run in a VM if you wish (or actual hardware AFAICT).

A bit more on topic, bp* rewrite has been a long-time coming, and AFAICT,
it  won't be in Solaris 11. As it stands, I don't care much about changing
RAID levels, but not being able to remove a mistakenly added device is
something is becoming more and more conspicuous. For better or worse I'm
not doing as much Solaris stuff (esp. with the new Ellison pricing model),
but still pay attention to what's going on, and this (missing) feature is
one of those "WTF?" things that is the fly in the otherwise very tasty
soup that is ZFS.

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