> This one missing feature of ZFS, IMHO, does not result in "a long way
> for
> zfs to go" in relation to netapp.  I shut off my netapp 2 years ago in
> favor
> of ZFS, because ZFS performs so darn much better, and has such
> immensely
> greater robustness.  Try doing ndmp, cifs, nfs, iscsi on netapp (all
> extra
> licenses).  Try experimenting with the new version of netapp to see how
> good
> it is (you can't unless you buy a whole new box.)  Try mirroring a
> production box onto a lower-cost secondary backup box (there is no such
> thing).  Try storing your backup on disk and rotating your disks
> offsite.
> Try running any "normal" utilities - iostat, top, wireshark - you can't.
> Try backing up with commercial or otherwise modular (agent-based)
> backup
> software.  You can't.  You have to use CIFS/NFS/NDMP.
> Just try finding a public mailing list like this one where you can even
> so
> much as begin such a conversation about netapp...  Been there done that,
> it's not even in the same ballpark.
> etc etc.  (end rant.)  I hate netapp.

Yeah, It is  kind of touchy topic, we may discuss more in the future.
I want to focus on how to repair my pool first. ;-(

> Um...
> Wanna post your "zpool status" and "cat /etc/release" and "zpool
> upgrade"

I exported the pool for I want to use zpool import -F to fix it.
But now I get " one or more devices is currently unavailable         Destroy 
and re-create the pool from  a backup source."

I use opensolaris b134 and zpool version 22.


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