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> For my carelessness, I added two disks into a raid-z2 zpool as normal data
> disk, 

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> I also did another huge "mistake" which really brings me into the deep
> I physically removed these two added devices for I though raidz2 can
> it.

So...  You accidentally added non-redundant disks to a pool.  They were not
part of the raidz2, so the redundancy in the raidz2 did not help you.  You
removed the non-redundant disks, and now the pool is faulted.

The only thing you can do is:
Add the disks back to the pool (re-insert them to the system).  Then you
should be able to import the pool.

Now, you don't want these devices in the pool.  You must either destroy &
recreate your pool, or add redundancy to your non-redundant devices.

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