> From: Fred Liu [mailto:fred_...@issi.com]
> Yeah, I also realized this when I send out this message. In NetApp, it is
> easy to change raid group size. There is still a long way for zfs to go.
> Hope I can see that in the future.

This one missing feature of ZFS, IMHO, does not result in "a long way for
zfs to go" in relation to netapp.  I shut off my netapp 2 years ago in favor
of ZFS, because ZFS performs so darn much better, and has such immensely
greater robustness.  Try doing ndmp, cifs, nfs, iscsi on netapp (all extra
licenses).  Try experimenting with the new version of netapp to see how good
it is (you can't unless you buy a whole new box.)  Try mirroring a
production box onto a lower-cost secondary backup box (there is no such
thing).  Try storing your backup on disk and rotating your disks offsite.
Try running any "normal" utilities - iostat, top, wireshark - you can't.
Try backing up with commercial or otherwise modular (agent-based) backup
software.  You can't.  You have to use CIFS/NFS/NDMP.  

Just try finding a public mailing list like this one where you can even so
much as begin such a conversation about netapp...  Been there done that,
it's not even in the same ballpark.

etc etc.  (end rant.)  I hate netapp.

> I also did another huge "mistake" which really brings me into the deep
> I physically removed these two added devices for I though raidz2 can
> it.
> But now the whole pool corrupts. I don't know where I can go ...
> Any help will be tremendously appreciated.


Wanna post your "zpool status" and "cat /etc/release" and "zpool upgrade"

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