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>> > Got a quick question: what are the latest zpool and zfs versions
>> > supported in Solaris 10 Update 10?
>> >
>> In update 10: pool version 29, ZFS version 5.
> I don't know what the other differences are, but the first one I noticed is
> the sync property.  Even if you don't zpool upgrade or zfs upgrade, just by
> applying the patches to an older solaris 10, you can't disable ZIL anymore
> via /etc/system.  At least not in the way that formerly worked, as described
> on the evil tuning guide.  Now you use the sync property instead.  This is a
> change for positive, but surprised me.

Another potential difference ... I have been told by Oracle Support
(but have not yet confirmed) that just running the latest zfs code
(Solaris 10U10) will disable the aclmode property, even if you do not
upgrade the zpool version beyond 22. I expect to test this next week,
as we _need_ ACLs to work for our data.

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