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I have a customer who wants to know what is the max characters allowed
in creating name for zpool,

Are there any restrictions in using special characters?
255 characters. Try doing a 'man zpool':

   Creates a new storage pool containing the virtual devices specified
   on  the  command  line. The pool name must begin with a letter, and
   can only contain alphanumeric  characters  as  well  as  underscore
   ("_"),  dash  ("-"),  and  period  (".").  The pool names "mirror",
   "raidz", "spare" and "log" are reserved,  as  are  names  beginning
   with  the  pattern "c[0-9]". The vdev specification is described in
   the "Virtual Devices" section.

Or, use the source Luke:

Going to http://src.opensolaris.org, and searching for "zpool" turns up:


Inside of it we have a zpool_do_create() function, which defines a 'char
*poolname' variable. From there we call a zpool_create() in
libzfs/common/libzfs_pool.c to zpool_name_valid() to pool_namecheck(),
where we end up with the following code snippet:

         * Make sure the name is not too long.
         * ZPOOL_MAXNAMELEN is the maximum pool length used in the userland
         * which is the same as MAXNAMELEN used in the kernel.
         * If ZPOOL_MAXNAMELEN value is changed, make sure to cleanup all
         * places using MAXNAMELEN.
        if (strlen(pool)>= MAXNAMELEN) {
                if (why)
                        *why = NAME_ERR_TOOLONG;
                return (-1);

Check the function for further restrictions:


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