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> Another potential difference ... I have been told by Oracle Support
> (but have not yet confirmed) that just running the latest zfs code
> (Solaris 10U10) will disable the aclmode property, even if you do not
> upgrade the zpool version beyond 22. I expect to test this next week,
> as we _need_ ACLs to work for our data.

I haven't installed U10, but have confirmed that installing the U10
kernel patch removes aclmode :(. Didn't expect that Solaris 11 change to
be backported... I personally have SR 3-4631579271 open requesting that
breakage be fixed, referencing CR #7002239 which is an RFE to restore
aclmode to Solaris 11. If you have a service contract and care (or even if
you don't care but would like to help out those who do ;) ), open a
ticket requesting the fix for CR #7002239 and get some weight behind it

Support's recommended workaround is basically "don't use chmod" 8-/. As
if you can control all the things that call chmod behind your back, let
alone the NFS exclusive open issue which stomps on your ACL no matter
*what* you do <sigh>...

What makes this even more annoying is that U10 backports
ngroups_max=1024 support, which I could *really* *really* use...

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