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> On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 07:13:40PM -0700, Paul Kraus wrote:
>> Another potential difference ... I have been told by Oracle Support
>> (but have not yet confirmed) that just running the latest zfs code
>> (Solaris 10U10) will disable the aclmode property, even if you do not
>> upgrade the zpool version beyond 22. I expect to test this next week,
>> as we _need_ ACLs to work for our data.
> I haven't installed U10, but have confirmed that installing the U10
> kernel patch removes aclmode :(. Didn't expect that Solaris 11 change to

    I have also confirmed that it is a code change and not tied to
on-disk format. A version 22 zpool, when imported on a system with the
10U10 kernel, no longer includes aclmode.

> be backported... I personally have SR 3-4631579271 open requesting that
> breakage be fixed, referencing CR #7002239 which is an RFE to restore
> aclmode to Solaris 11. If you have a service contract and care (or even if
> you don't care but would like to help out those who do ;) ), open a
> ticket requesting the fix for CR #7002239 and get some weight behind it
> :).

    I have been told by Oracle Support (not first line, but someone
from engineering in response to an escalation) that the code is done
to put aclmode back in, and that an IDR can probably be cut against
the 10U10 kernel. They are finding out when it will be integrated.

    We need a snapshot deletion fix that is in zpool 26, but we also
need aclmode (or at least functional ACLs), which was removed in the
10U10 kernel.

> Support's recommended workaround is basically "don't use chmod" 8-/. As
> if you can control all the things that call chmod behind your back, let
> alone the NFS exclusive open issue which stomps on your ACL no matter
> *what* you do <sigh>...

> What makes this even more annoying is that U10 backports
> ngroups_max=1024 support, which I could *really* *really* use...

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