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> I had and have redundant storage, it has *NEVER* automatically fixed
> it.  You're the first person I've heard that has had it automatically fix

That's probably just because it's normal and expected behavior to
automatically fix it - I always have redundancy, and every cksum error I
ever find is always automatically fixed.  I never tell anyone here because
it's normal and expected.

If you have redundancy, and cksum errors, and it's not automatically fixed,
then you should report the bug.

I do have a few suggestions, possible ways that you may think you have
redundancy and still have such an error...

If you're using hardware raid, then ZFS will only see one virtual aggregate
device.  There's no interface to tell the hardware "go read the other copy,
because this one was bad."  You have to present the individual JBOD disks to
the OS, and let ZFS assembe a raid volume out of it.  Then ZFS will manage
the redundant copies.

If your cksum error happened in memory, or in the bus or something, then
even fetching new copies from the (actually good) disks might still be
received corrupted in memory and result in a cksum error.

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