On Oct 18, 2011, at 20:26, Edward Ned Harvey wrote:

> Yes, but when scrub encounters uncorrectable errors, it doesn't attempt to
> correct them.  Fsck will do things like recover lost files into the
> lost+found directory, and stuff like that...

You say "recover lost files" like you know that they're actually recovered 
properly. :) Fsck does place things in lost+found, but there is no guarantee of 
their usefulness.

I recently had to redeploy a VM because the hosting machine's NIC was 
corrupting data, and so the underlying disk image became completely hosed. The 
Linux guest instance merrily went trying to run even though large parts of the 
Ext3 file system were a mess. After first noticing the problem we did an fsck 
and lost+found had several thousand entries. It was simpler to redeploy from 
scratch than wade through the 'recovered' files.

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