2011-10-19 15:52, Richard Elling wrote:
In the archives, you can find reports of recoverable and unrecoverable errors
attributed to:
        1. ZFS software (rare, but a bug a few years ago mishandled a raidz 
        2. SAN switch firmware
        3. "Hardware" RAID array firmware
        4. Power supplies
        5. RAM
        6. HBA
        7. PCI-X bus
        8. BIOS settings
        9. CPU and chipset errata
10. Broken HDDs ;)

For weird inexplicable bugs, insufficient or faulty power supplies
and cooling are often the core cause, at least in "enthisiast PCs".
Perhaps the PS is okay to run but fails under some peak loads,
and that leads to random bits being generated in RAM or on
connection buses...

Also some interference can be caused by motors, etc. in the HDDs
and cooling fans - with older audio cards you could actually hear
your HDD or CDROM spin up - by a characteristic buzz in the
headphones or on the loudspeakers. Whether other components
would fail or not under such EMI - that depends.


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