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>> new CKSUM errors
>> are being found. There are zero READ or WRITE error counts,
>> though.
>> Should we be worried about replacing the ex-hotspare drive
>> ASAP as well?
> You should not be increasing CKSUM errors.  There is something wrong.  I 
> cannot say it's necessarily the fault of the drive, but probably it is.  When 
> some threshold is reached, ZFS should mark the drive as faulted due to too 
> many cksum errors.  I don't recommend waiting for it.

It probably indicates something else faulty in the I/O path, which
could include RAM, HBA or integrated controller chip, loose or
defective cabling, etc.  If RAM is ECC-capable, it seems unlikely to
be the issue.  I'd make sure all cables are fully seated and not
kinked or otherwise damaged.

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