> From: Fajar A. Nugraha [mailto:w...@fajar.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 7:46 PM
> > * In btrfs, there is no equivalent or alternative to "zfs send | zfs
> > receive"
> Planned. No actual working implementation yet.

In fact, I saw, actual work started on this task about a month ago.  So it's
not just planned, it's really in the works.  Now we're talking open source
timelines here, which means, "you'll get it when it's ready," and nobody
knows when that will be.  As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, there are
some other major features that have been "ready in 2 weeks" for like 2 years
now...  YMMV.  

But to me personally, zfs send is one of the HUGEST winning characteristics,
so I'm really eager for btrfs send to exist...  That's one of the biggest
missing characteristics that make btrfs seriously less attractive than ZFS
for me right now.

But I'll sure tell you, building a time machine server (mac) using the
latest netatalk on ubuntu beta is sure a HECK of a lot easier than doing the
same thing on solaris right now.   ;-)  Not to mention, I'm happy to run
ubuntu on dell servers where solaris was formerly a crash & burn.  So I'm
using btrfs anywhere that linux is required, and using ZFS anywhere that is
OS agnostic (or solaris advantaged) and I just need a filesystem.

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