I looked into btrfs some time ago for the same reasons.   I had a Linux system 
that I wanted to do more intelligent things with storage.

However, I reverted to Ext3/4 and MD because of the portions of btrfs that 
haven't been completed.   It seems that btrfs development is very slow, which 
doesn't make me feel that a bug that I find (or even a fsck tool) will be 

Another item that made me nervous was my experience with ZFS.  Even when called 
'ready for production', a number of bugs were found that were pretty nasty.   
They've since been fixed (years ago), but there were some surprises there that 
I'd rather not encounter on a Linux system.

While I like to try the latest thing, I've spent quite a bit of time 
generating/collecting my data.    I really don't want to lose it if I can avoid 
it.  :-)

I came to the conclusion that btrfs isn't ready for prime time.  I'll 
re-evaluate as development continues and the missing portions are provided.

I'm seriously thinking about converting the Linux system in question into a 
FreeBSD system so that I can use ZFS.

On Oct 17, 2011, at 9:29 AM, Harry Putnam wrote:

> This subject may have been ridden to death... I missed it if so.
> Not wanting to start a flame fest or whatever but....
> As a common slob who isn't very skilled, I like to see some commentary
> from some of the pros here as to any comparison of zfs against btrfs.
> I realize btrfs is a lot less `finished' but I see it is starting to
> show up as an option on some linux install routines... Debian an
> ubuntu I noticed and probably many others.
> My main reasons for using zfs are pretty basic compared to some here
> and I wondered how btrfs stacks up on the basic qualities.
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