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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm thinking about spending around 1,250 USD for a tower format (desk side)
server with RAM but without disks. I'd like to have 16G ECC RAM as a
minimum and ideally 2 or 3 times that amount and I'd like for the case to
have room for at least 6 drives, more would be better but not essential. I
want to run Solaris 10 and possibly upgrade to Solaris 11 if I like
it. Right now I have nothing to run Solaris 11 on and I know Solaris 10 well
enough to know it will do what I want.

This will be a do-everything machine. I will use it for development, hosting
various apps in zones (web, file server, mail server etc.) and running other
systems (like a Solaris 11 test system) in VirtualBox. Ultimately I would
like to put it under Solaris support so I am looking for something
officially approved. The problem is there are so many systems on the HCL I
don't know where to begin. One of the Supermicro super workstations looks
good and I know they have good a reputation but Dell has better sales
channels where I live and I could get one of those or even an HP more easily
than a Supermicro as far as I know. I will be checking more on this.

I have a bunch of white box systems but I don't know anybody capable of
building a server grade box so I'm probably going to buy off the shelf.

Can anybody tell me is what I am looking for going to be available at this
price point and if not, what should I expect to pay? If you have experience
with any of the commodity server towers good or bad with Solaris and ZFS I'd
like to hear your opinions. I am refraining for asking for advice on drives
because I see the list has a few thousand posts archived on this topic and
until I go over some of those I don't want to ask about that subject just
yet. Thanks for the help.

Most of the supermicro stuff works great for me.

Eric D. Mudama

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