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> On Thu, 22 Mar 2012, The Honorable Senator and Mrs. John Blutarsky wrote:
> >
> > This will be a do-everything machine. I will use it for development, hosting
> > various apps in zones (web, file server, mail server etc.) and running other
> > systems (like a Solaris 11 test system) in VirtualBox. Ultimately I would
> > like to put it under Solaris support so I am looking for something
> > officially approved. The problem is there are so many systems on the HCL I
> > don't know where to begin. One of the Supermicro super workstations looks
> Almost all of the systems listed on the HCL are defunct and no longer 
> purchasable except for on the used market.

In my third world country some of these are still found new in box and sold
at "just released" prices. I'm surprised to hear about the state of the HCL,
but that is good info to be aware of. Why aren't they maintaining it? If you
can find a system can you at least depend on their statement that they
support it? Or is even that unknown? I would think if somebody buys a 5 year
old new server based on them showing Premier support available and then they
refuse to support it there would be the possibility of interesting legal

> Obtaining an "approved" system seems very difficult.

Because of the list being out of date and so the systems are no longer
available, or because systems available now don't show up on the list?

> In spite of this, Solaris runs very well on many non-approved modern
> systems.

Yes, I have entitlements from Sun so I am running an Update 8 box on a
custom build with no problems. It wasn't built for Solaris or ZFS but works
great. After reading the horror stories on the list I don't want to take a
chance and buy the wrong machine and then have ZFS fail or Oracle tell me
they don't support the machine.

Thanks for your post.
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