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well check  this link


you may not like the price
Hahahah! Thanks for the laugh. The dual 10Gbe PCI card breaks my budget. I'm
not going to try to configure a server and see how much it costs...

I can't even get to the site from my country btw. I had to use a proxy
through my company in America to get pricing. Oracle doesn't want to sell
certain things everywhere or they don't know how to run a website.
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I posted this awhile ago when people were asking for a good recommendation.

I suggest pretty much any of the IBM stuff - the vast majority of them seem to have real good compatibility (excepting the ServeRAID controllers) with Solaris/IllumOS. The baseboard controllers are usually some flavor of well-supported SATA or LSI SAS controller. They're otherwise quite well put together, and parts are easy to come by (and, IBM's support site for information is fabulous, even if you DON'T have a contract). You can get reconditioned/used stuff for real check, and it's even possible to get support for IBM-label stuff if it's not out of warranty (or, buy a new warranty, if you so want, from your local IBM reseller, of which there are a lot, world-wide). You can also likely get a Solaris contract for this, either through IBM or through Oracle (that is, if Oracle hasn't completely stopped selling support contracts for Solaris for non-Oracle hardware already).

I personally own an X3500, which uses E5[1,3]00-series CPUs (dual or quad-core) and DDR2 RAM. They usually come with a systems management card (or you can get one for cheap, under $50). Parts are easy to come by, cheap, and covered by any IBM warranty if you buy a IBM-labeled part (even if it was a 3rd party, non-"authorized" reseller that sold you the part).

The X3500 and X3500 M2, plus the X3400 or X3400 M2 are likely your best bets.

The IBM Xref for Withdrawn Hardware is an excellent place to start to look for a compatible system (plus give you the IBM part numbers for everything):


Here's what you want for under $1000:


Cheaper, and better CPU, but smaller:


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