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Paul wrote:
    I have not seen any odd issues with the five J4400 configuration
since we went production.
I'm not familiar with the J4400 at all, but isn't Sun/Oracle using -like NetAPP-
Interposer cards and thus handling the SATA drives more or less like SAS ones?
J4400 is the 1st generation SAS-1 JBOD that using LSI based SAS HBA, you can read about it on the 7xxx unified storage

Current generation  is  SAS-2 based oracle only sale them in ZFS appliance
now it is all SAS based 7200rpm please read the ZFS appliance doc

just google SAS vs SATA you will find the difference

     I believe so and Oracle has pulled the SATA configurations from
what you can buy today. I'm not sure it is really valid to say that a
SATA drive with an interposer is like a SAS drive, they do take a
different path through the MPT code, so there are differences.

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