On Apr 7, 2012, at 4:15 PM, Jim Klimov wrote:

>> I'm not familiar with the J4400 at all, but isn't Sun/Oracle using -like 
>> NetAPP-
>> Interposer cards and thus handling the SATA drives more or less like SAS 
>> ones?
> Out of curiosity, are there any third-party hardware vendors
> that make server/storage chassis (Supermicro et al) who make
> SATA backplanes with the SAS interposers soldered on?


> Would that make sense, or be cheaper/more reliable than
> having extra junk between the disk and backplane connectors?
> (if I correctly understand what the talk is about? ;)

It would not be more reliable or cheaper.

> ZFS was very attractive at first because of the claim that
> "it returns Inexpensive into raId" and can do miracles
> with SATA disks. Reality has shown to many of us that
> many SATA implementations existing in the wild should
> be avoided... so we're back to good vendors' higher end
> expensive SATAs or better yet SAS drives. Not inexpensive
> anymore again :(

You can't get past the age-old idiom: you get what you pay for.
In some cases today, depending on vendor, the cost of SATA + 
interposer is the same as SAS.
 -- richard

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