I'm not familiar with the J4400 at all, but isn't Sun/Oracle using -like NetAPP-
Interposer cards and thus handling the SATA drives more or less like SAS ones?

Out of curiosity, are there any third-party hardware vendors
that make server/storage chassis (Supermicro et al) who make
SATA backplanes with the SAS interposers soldered on?

Would that make sense, or be cheaper/more reliable than
having extra junk between the disk and backplane connectors?
(if I correctly understand what the talk is about? ;)

ZFS was very attractive at first because of the claim that
"it returns Inexpensive into raId" and can do miracles
with SATA disks. Reality has shown to many of us that
many SATA implementations existing in the wild should
be avoided... so we're back to good vendors' higher end
expensive SATAs or better yet SAS drives. Not inexpensive
anymore again :(

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