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    > You will however have an issue replacing them if one should
    fail.  You need
    > to have the same block count to replace a device, which is why I
    asked for a
    > "right-sizing" years ago.  Deaf ears :/

    I thought ZFSv20-something added a "if the blockcount is within 10%,
    then allow the replace to succeed" feature, to work around this issue?

    Freddie Cash <>

That would be news to me. I'd love to hear it's true though. When I made the request there was excuse after excuse about how it would be difficult and Sun always provided replacement drives of identical size, etc (although there were people who responded who in fact had received drives from Sun of different sizes in RMA). I was hoping now that the braintrust had moved on from Sun that they'd embrace what I consider a common-sense decision, but I don't think it's happened.

I tend to think, that S11 even tightened the gap of that. When I upgraded from SE11 to S11 a couple of drives became "corrupt" when S11 tried to mount the zpool, which consists of vdev mirrors. Switching back to SE1! and importing the very same zpool went without issue.

In the SR I opened for that issue, it was stated that S11 is even more picky about drives sizes than SE11 had been and I had to replace the drives with new ones. Interstingly these were all Hitachi drives of the "same" size, but prtvoc displayed in fact fewer sectors for the ones that were refused by S11 - and the percentage was closer to 5% than to 10%, afair.

I was able to create another zpool from the drives S11 refused later on in S11 though.

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