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>>] On Behalf Of Freddie Cash
>> I thought ZFSv20-something added a "if the blockcount is within 10%,
>> then allow the replace to succeed" feature, to work around this issue?
> About 2 yrs ago, I replaced a drive with 1 block less, and it was a big 
> problem.  This was a drive bought from oracle, to replace an oracle drive, on 
> a supported sun system, and it was the same model drive, with a higher 
> firmware rev.  We worked on it extensively, eventually managed to shoe-horn 
> the drive in there, and I pledged I would always partition drives slightly 
> smaller from now on.
> Then, about 2 weeks later, the support rep emailed me to say they implemented 
> a new feature, which could autoresize +/- some small percentage difference, 
> like 1Mb difference or something like that.
> So there is some solid reason to corroborate Freddie's suspicion, but there's 
> no way I'm going to find any material to reference now.  The timing even 
> sounds about right to support the v20 idea.  I haven't tested or proven it 
> myself, but I am confidently assuming moving forward, that small variations 
> will be handled gracefully.
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