On Apr 17, 2012, at 12:25 AM, Jim Klimov wrote:

> 2012-04-17 5:15, Richard Elling wrote:
>> For the archives...
>> Write-back cache enablement is toxic for file systems that do not issue
>> cache flush commands, such as Solaris' UFS. In the early days of ZFS,
>> on Solaris 10 or before ZFS was bootable on OpenSolaris, it was not
> > uncommon to have ZFS and UFS on the same system.
>> NB, there are a number of consumer-grade IDE/*ATA disks that ignore
>> disabling
>> the write buffer. Hence, it is not always a win to enable the write
>> buffer that cannot
>> be disabled.
>> -- richard
> For the sake of archives, can you please post a common troubleshooting
> techinque which users can try at home to see if their disks honour the
> request or not? ;) I guess it would involve random-write bandwidths in
> two cases?

I am aware of only one method that is guaranteed to work: contact the 
manufacturer, sign NDA, read the docs.
 -- richard

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