> I saw one team revert from ZoL (CentOS 6) back to ext on some backup servers
> for an application project, the killerĀ  was
> stat times (find running slow etc.), perhaps more layer 2 cache could have
> solved the problem, but it was easier to deploy ext/lvm2.

But stat times (think directory traversal) are horrible on ZFS/Solaris
as well, at least on a workstation-class machine that doesn't run
24/7. Maybe on an always-on server with 256GB RAM or more, things
would be different. For me, that's really the only pain point of using

Sorry for not being able to contribute any ZoL experience. I've been
pondering whether it's worth trying for a few months myself already.
Last time I checked, it didn't support the .zfs directory (for
snapshot access), which you really don't want to miss after getting
used to it.
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