>To put it slightly differently, if I used ZoL in production, would I be likely 
to experience performance or stability

I saw one team revert from ZoL (CentOS 6) back to ext on some backup servers 
for an application project, the killerĀ  was
stat times (find running slow etc.), perhaps more layer 2 cache could have 
solved the problem, but it was easier to deploy

Hmm... I've got 1.4TB in about 70K files in 2K directories, and a simple find on a cold FS took me about 6 seconds:

root@hoard22:/hpool/12/db# time find . -type d | wc
df -h
   2082    2082   32912

real    0m5.923s
user    0m0.052s
sys     0m1.012s

So I'd say I'm doing OK there. But I've got 10K disks and a fast SSD for caching.
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