>Hello all, I'd like some practical advice on migration of a
>Sun Fire X4500 (Thumper) from aging data disks to a set of
>newer disks. Some questions below are my own, others are
>passed from the customer and I may consider not all of them
>sane - but must ask anyway ;)
>1) They hope to use 3Tb disks, and hotplugged an Ultrastar 3Tb
>    for testing. However, the system only sees it as a 802Gb
>    device, via Solaris format/fdisk as well as via parted [1].
>    Is that a limitation of the Marvell controller, disk,
>    the current OS (snv_117)? Would it be cleared by a reboot
>    and proper disk detection on POST (I'll test tonight) or
>    these big disks won't work in X4500, period?

Your old release of Solaris (nearly three years old) doesn't support
disks over 2TB, I would think.

(A 3TB is 3E12, the 2TB limit is 2^41 and the difference is around 800Gb)


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