2012-05-18 1:39, Jim Klimov написал:
A small follow-up on my tests, just in case readers are
interested in some numbers: the UltraStar 3Tb disk got
filled up by a semi-random selection of data from our old
pool in 24 hours sharp

One more number: the smaller pool completed its scrub in
57 minutes of nice looking sequential reads of 70Mb/s
on the average, no errors.

The bigger pool had bulkier files from the start, and
iostat reports up to 150Mb/s (in up to 1200 IOps) while
scrubbing this part of the disk. Wow! :)

Since there were many small files as well, I expect the
speeds to drop. Writing the pool to its limits averaged
to 33Mb/s (2.73Tb/86400s), not too bad either compared
(say) to what I saw on my 6-disk raidz2 at home ;)

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