Greg Mason <gmason <at>> writes:

> I am currently trying to get two of these things running Illumian. I don't 
have any particular performance
> requirements, so I'm thinking of using some sort of supported hypervisor, 
(either RHEL and KVM or VMware
> ESXi) to get around the driver support issues, and passing the disks 
through to an Illumian guest.
> The H310 does indeed support pass-through (the non-raid mode), but 
one thing to keep in mind is that I was
> only able to configure a single boot disk. I configured the rear two drives 
into a hardware raid 1 and set  the
> virtual disk as the boot disk so that I can still boot the system if an OS 
disk fails.
> Once Illumos is better supported on the R720 and the PERC H310, I plan 
to get rid of the hypervisor silliness
> and run Illumos on bare metal.
> -Greg

Hi Greg,

could you please reply: what driver you have for this card on illumian ?
could you please send me your 'modinfo' & 'scanpci -v'

I have one chassis Dell R720 with PERC H310, but card not detected by drivers: 
mr_sas, mega_sas, mpt_sas ..

best regards,

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