2012-06-17 19:11, Koopmann, Jan-Peter пишет:

my oi151 based home NAS is approaching a frightening "drive space"
level. Right now the data volume is a 4*1TB Raid-Z1, 3 1/2" local disks
individually connected to an 8 port LSI 6Gbit controller.

So I can either exchange the disks one by one with autoexpand, use 2-4
TB disks and be happy. This was my original approach. However I am
totally unclear about the 512b vs 4Kb issue. What sata disk could I use
that is big enough and still uses 512b? I know about the discussion
about the upgrade from a 512b based pool to a 4 KB pool but I fail to
see a conclusion. Will the autoexpand mechanism upgrade ashift? And what
disks do not lie? Is the performance impact significant?

AFAIK the Hitachi Desk/Ultra-Star (5K3000, 7K3000) should be 512b
native, maybe the only ones at this size. Larger 4TB Hitachi models
are 4KB native, 512e emulated - according to datasheets on site.

//Jim Klimov
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