> - Will I be able to buy a replacement in 3-3 years that reports the disk in
> such a way, that resilvering will work? According to the "Advanced Format"
> threat this seems to be a problem. I was hopimg to get arond this with these
> disks and have a more future proof solution

I think that if you are running an illumos kernel, you can use
/kernel/drv/sd.conf and tell it that the physical sectors for a disk
model are 4k, despite what the disk says (and whether they really
are).  So, if you want an ashift=12 pool on disks that report 512
sectors, you should be able to do it now without a patched version of

> - Disk alignment: I am currently using whole disks AFAIK. But I do not
> remember. Did I use slicing etc? Is my alignment correct (btw. How do
> check?) So I thought: If I start over with a new pool O might get ot right
> and this seemed easier with those disks...

Whole disk method is generally recommended, and should align if it
gets the sector size right, the only time I have manually sliced was
to overprovision an SSD.  I think prtvtoc is all you need to determine
if it is aligned, if the bytes/sector value under Dimensions is the
true (physical) sector size, it should be aligned (if it reports 512
when it has 4k sectors, then in theory if "First sector" is a multiple
of 8, it is aligned, but it will probably issue writes of size 512
which will degrade performance anyway).

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